Landscaping Services in Garrison, NY

Delivery and Removal

Harter Landscaping & Contracting can deliver mulch, dumpsters, gravel, soil or shrubbery to homeowners or business owners. If you’ve got a large cleaning project coming up or need your garage space cleared, we can pick up and dispose any unwanted debris. Cleaning your property can be difficult, but an expert can help make the difference through a well-managed cleanup and a long affordable drawn out process. Harter is fast and efficient.

General Landscaping

Everyone longs for that bed of beautiful flowers, but sometimes a problem like weeding, edging borders and the need to place mulch, etc. may come in the way. Knowing when and how you need to plant certain foliage, their water needs, the amount of shade or sunlight required, etc. is all the necessary information you need for beautiful floral scenery. Harter has the technical know-how and the equipment necessary to make that look you want come to life. What most homeowners and business owners don’t know is that aerating a lawn and preparing it for winter is an all year round process.

Snow Plowing

Snow removal is a key sector of our company. Rein Garrison, we remove snow and ice from business drives and roadways during winter. We can remove snow from your walkways and driveways throughout the winter period. We serve offices, apartment blocks, hospitals, schools and more. Harter uses modern equipment that’s designed with tracking devices which help us keep track of which buildings we have serviced. We also offer our Garrison clients plowing, salting, shoveling and de-icing.

Tree Service

Under tree services we provide stump grinding, pruning, tree trimming, removal of limbs and tree cutting. Every year weak and diseased trees cause millions of dollars in property damage. The likelihood of accidents increases with heavy snowfall, rains and strong winds. You can stop this problem way before it starts by having us visit your property and give you an estimate. This is a much less expensive solution when compared to having a tree land right on your roof.


Pests can quickly ruin any beautiful garden or lawn. Conversely, excessive use of pesticides or too little can end up ruining your property. Insect infestations can prevent the healthy growth of plants. To get rid of pests, it’s best to seek professional pesticide application. Granular and liquid pesticides are some of our first options when it comes to removal of bugs and diseases. Every piece of property is different and our landscapers can lay down a care program suited to your particular problem. A client may prefer a special brand of flower/grass. Harter Landscaping professionals know exactly what to do. Whether you’re looking to treat unhealthy trees or disease carrying bugs, our staff are ready with the know-how and experience to counter any problem.


Ever noticed lawns with sprinkling systems in place? They’re usually surviving and flourishing brilliantly. We can do the same for your lawn. Harter professionals can repair, install and maintain any sprinkler system brand. After the summer heat subsides, we’ll prepare your sprinkler system for winter. Infusing just the right amount of water into your lawn will boost its health significantly.


Harter Landscaping & Contracting can build styled masonry walls. Retaining walls usually hold soil in place and, if maximized fully, can help homeowners build low-lying areas of property. These additions usually end up being strong, useful and beautiful. Harter craftsmen are knowledgeable and their prices are affordable. We provide complete masonry walls, install and repair pavements, install retaining walls, stone combined with wrought iron, or brickwork to beautify your outdoor kitchens or fireplaces. Brick courtyards are unique and beautiful additions to your home. They’ll have your guests gushing over your home exterior.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can improve the state of your home or business. It improves the security and safety of your home as well as cut insurance costs too. Ever noticed how lights around water fountains, sidewalks and trees add a wow factor? They also make a property safer. Guests also appreciate a piece of property more when it has outdoor lighting. Homes lit at night generally improve the safety of the neighborhood.


A reliable drainage system is very important to your home or place of business. Lack of a proper drainage system can cause flooding, thus causing expensive repairs for a homeowner or business owner. We provide expert services for trench and channel drains, French drains and storm drains. We also provide waterproofing and offer video inspection, examining leaks and weaknesses in the system. Do you need grate services, a sump pump or catch basins? We can help. Power snaking is another of our reliable drainage services.

Free Estimates

All our customers in Garrison can call Harter Landscaping & Contracting today for free estimates on all landscaping services. We cover every aspect of rock gardening, lawn care, decorative fountain design or masonry wall service. Every year, more and more people are choosing to work with the professionals- Harter Landscaping & Contracting to improve their property. A gorgeous lawn is no twist of magic. The process requires time, knowledge and skill. We have everything a homeowner or business requires for gorgeous landscapes.

More about Garrison

Garrison is located in Putnam county. It’s part of Philipstown on the East of the Hudson River. Garrison is also known as Garrison’s Landing, which is named for Lieutenant Isaac Garrison. Probably one of the most remembered tragedies in the history of our town is the Garrison train wreck which occurred in Garrison in 1897. Garrison has many places you can visit the next time you’re in town. You will enjoy Manitoga, the extensive woodland gardens estate. Dragon Rock, a modern style house, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors can enjoy tours and hiking trails to this location. You haven’t experienced Garrison in all its beauty if you haven’t toured Constitution Marsh. You can enjoy canoe tours and walks on the Hudson River. Contact Harter Landscaping of Garrison if you need any landscaping services for your home or business.





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