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Landscaping Services in Larchmont, NY

In the 27 years we have been in business, we have worked with many home owners, business owners, companies and other establishments in New York. We specialize in landscape design and decorative lighting. We offer the best landscaping services with top notch delivery to all our clients and thus have a good record and excellent reputation. We provide our services in towns and villages around the city of New York such as Larchmont. The village of Larchmont is located in Westchester county on the outskirts of the New York Metropolis area about 18 miles northeast of Midtown Manhattan and covers approximately 2.8 sq KM. Larchmont still maintains the small town and friendly atmosphere which earned it 11th position as one of the top 100 best places to live in the US of A back in 2005. The ranking was carried out by Money magazine and CNN. This can be attributed to the quaint homes and grand estates which are still well preserved. Currently, the village is home to nearly 6,500 residents. Most of the area which is not covered by buildings and infrastructure is covered by vegetation. Out of the entire Larchmont populace, 68% of those are home owners living in their own family homes which accounts for about 1,622 families living and working there. Renters cover 25% of the total housing units; most of which were built after 1990. With so much history and cultural events, Larchmont is somewhat a close community. It has the highest percentage of urban sophisticates per square area in the US. This is a population of people with urban tastes and comfortable living. Most of people in Larchmont live in single family homes with lots of space both at the front and the back for the kids. These are kind of people who like to sit down with professionals and get their things done right. There are numerous office blocks, business blocks with restaurants and other establishments. The people here get around on foot since the streets are very pedestrian friendly and field with a lot of greenery. This has provided an opportunity for us to showcase our talent in the landscaping business.
General Landscaping
We have a general maintenance program which can be as often as weekly or monthly at your property. This is a complete maintenance service that can be contractual on a 12 month period for seasonal services such as:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Plowing Snow
  • Mowing Lawns
  • Planting
  • Trimming Bushes And Hedges
  • Cleaning Gutters
  • Mulching
  • Cleanups in Spring and Fall
  • Designing Landscapes
  • Reseeding and Setting New Lawns
  • Installing Fences (low, medium or high security fencing)
Delivery and Moving Services
In addition to the services listed above we also provide hauling services. We can deliver large rocks, trees, soil and mulch or help you move junk from your garage or factory warehouse. The full winter services include de-icing application, relocating the snow, applying sand & salt, removing snow and plowing the snow. With a combination of the best equipment and professional staff you are guaranteed only the best services. We are available for emergency calls 24/7 throughout the winter season. Winter services are offered to our clients including residential homes and apartments, shopping malls, condos, public institutions and warehouses. Currently we also manage snow for several homeowners associations.
Tree Services
Our tree services under the supervision of our resident and certified arborist include planting, pruning, removing trees, spraying, removing stumps and trimming. We also help with the application of fertilizer. We like to talk to our clients and give them professional advice on what should be done with the trees. This is of course with consideration of the combined aesthetics balancing to the entire landscape design.
Pest and Disease Control
Diseases and insects are bad for your plants and that is why we also offer expert pesticide services. We have deep knowledge of general plant science enough to help you apply chemical, organic or granular fertilizers to all your shrubs, trees, and lawn. Our arborist knows all about feeding your plants to keep them healthy.
Drainage Services
Our full services here cover water proofing, storm drains, catch basins, channel and trench drains, power snaking, French drains, sump pumps, pipe location and video inspection. We ensure that your pipes are unclogged and drain well. Do not worry about flo-well drywell or sewer lines, we will handle that for you!
Lighting Landscapes
We help you stay safe while looking beautiful. Lighting up your office or home’s exterior will not only keep criminals away but also enhance your home’s view at night. We have expertise in various landscapes lighting techniques and lighting equipment to get the job done right. Good lighting will also ensure that there are no accidents on patios, driveways or sidewalks during the night.
Sprinklers and Irrigation
Our services also include installation and maintenance of irrigation systems around your home or business. Proper sprinkler positioning is key. A well-watered lawn will always look lively throughout the year. We deal with all models and types of irrigation equipment. Repairs and winterization are also part of the services provided. What’s even more? We give warranties for all work.
Masonry Services

If you can think it… we can build it! We work with brick, stone, concrete/blacktop and pavers. Some of the services we provide include building or repairing sidewalks, driveways, patios, stone walls and installing decorative gravel.

Harter Landscaping of Larchmont
1295 Palmer Avenue
Larchmont, NY, 10538
Phone: 914-202-4510



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