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We provide services in several cities in New York, among them New Rochelle. New Rochelle is in the south-eastern part of the state with a population of about 80,000 residents. We have managed to secure a considerable market share among the approximately 17,500 families that work and live in this city. We also have a substantial market share among the companies and institutions in this city. 

New Rochelle is characterized by condominiums, two college campuses, high rise buildings, medical centers, modern offices, housing complexes, shopping complexes and an excellent road network, which makes the city an excellent market and environment for the kind of services that we provide.

General Landscaping

We have a general landscaping department that provides various types of services. The services include; regular maintenance programs, cleanup services for Spring and Fall, new lawns and existing lawn maintenance, planting (flowers, shrubs and trees), landscape design, hedge & shrub trimming, fence installation, mulching, pressure washing and gutter clearing services.

Regular maintenance programs-clients can engage us to regularly cut overgrown grass, trim their lawns and also remove debris and dirt from their driveways, walkways or patios on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Regular clients and those who engage us on long-term contracts benefit from the generous discounts that we offer.

Cleaning services during fall and spring

We’ll properly prepare or restore your lawn for the seasons. We also apply fertilizer to boost the growth of plants, besides the application of herbicides to prevent the growth of weeds.

New lawns and maintenance

We seed new lawns for our clients using two applications; hydro-seeding and sod. Lawns planted with hydro-seeding can be ready within 3 weeks, while sod looks great and takes hold almost immediately. Clients often hire us to implement irrigation systems.


The seedlings we provide our clients with are obtained from reputable nurseries. We then plant and maintain them for 12 months to ensure that they grow into healthy plants.

Landscape design

We turn our client’s wildest dreams into reality by providing the best landscape design solutions. Since we work with some of the leading architects in New York, our clients are always assured of getting value for their money.

Trimming of hedges and shrubs

Our team of arborists make sure that all our clients’ hedges and shrubs are properly and regularly trimmed, thus ensuring that they grow fast enough, remain healthy and appear attractive.


This agricultural practice is important in preventing the loss of moisture and also the growth of weeds.

Fence installation

We are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of low, medium and high security fences. Our clients are individual home owners, learning institutions and companies of all sizes.

Gutter clearing

We efficiently and effectively clear gutters to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris.


Pressure washing

We remove stains, mildew and other bacteria growth from walls, sideways, driveways, walkways and patios. This helps in making them appear attractive, besides preventing the growth of mold.

Hauling and delivery services

We provide a variety of hauling, delivery and clearing services. Whether you’re clearing out an old cluttered garage, a factory, or just need something large transported, we can help. We conveniently deliver mulch, rocks, plants (shrubs, flowers or tree seedlings) and many other types of goods.

Snow plowing

Stop worrying about how you or your customers will fair when the snow hits. 

After clearing the snow, our employees usually deal with the slippery surfaces by pouring sand or salt to increase traction, thus enabling friends, relatives, associates or customers who visit our clients to have easy access to the premises.

During this season, we are available 24/7. Our clientele consists of individual homeowners, shopping complexes, schools, warehouses, apartments and condominiums.

Tree management services

Our team of arborists and other specialists provide expert services that include; supplying tree seedlings, planting, weeding, application of fertilizer, trimming, spraying, cutting and uprooting tree stumps.

Application of pesticides and herbicides

Clients who engage us greatly benefit from our valuable services in management of pests, diseases and weeds. Our main goal is to ensure that your trees remain healthy all the time. We apply proactive and reactive measures such as; application of pesticides (to prevent or treat diseases) and application of herbicides (to prevent or get rid of weeds). Our clients can choose from either organic or chemical fertilizers depending on their preferences. 

Drainage services

Our services include; draining trenches and channels, installing sump pumps, water proofing services and power snaking.

We also offer pipe locating, video inspection, French drains, grates and catch basins.

Landscape lighting

Design, installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of landscape lighting systems to achieve beauty and safety.

Irrigation & sprinkling services

We are experts in the design, installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of irrigation and sprinkling systems. Our employees have expertise and vast experience in handling different types of sprinkling and irrigation devices. Our main agenda is to ensure that our clients’ grass, flowers, shrubs and other plants are healthy because of getting regular and sufficient water.

Masonry services

We can handle the design, installation, maintenance and fixing of stone walls, uni-lock pavers, blacktops, driveways, walkways, patios, decorative gravel, sidewalks and retaining walls.




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