Landscaping Patterson NY

Landscaping Services in Patterson, NY

Delivery and Removal

In some cases, homeowners or business owners end up requiring to use a dumpster, deliver gravel, mulch, soil or shrubbery. Harter Landscaping & Contracting can deliver these items to you. If you need a large cleaning project done, or if you’ve got clutter in your garage space, we can pick up and get rid of it. Cleaning doesn’t always have to be a daunting task, our experts make the difference through implementing well-managed cleanup sessions and long drawn out processes that are affordable. We’re efficient and we’re fast.

General Landscaping

Everyone loves to have a beautiful bed of flowers, but problems like weeding can get in the way. A beautiful bed of flowers also needs looking after. Placing mulch, edging borders, etc. can be quite a task for someone inexperienced. Knowing the time and process required when it comes to planting certain foliage, the amount of water needed, the amount of shade/sunlight required etc. is all part of the necessary information you need for any beautiful floral scenery. Harter has the knowledge and the modern equipment you require to create the look you have always desired for your lawn. Aerating your lawn and preparing it for winter is part of our year round care program.

Snow Plowing

Homes and businesses in Patterson need professional snow removal services throughout the winter. Removing snow and ice from driveways keeps shopping malls as well as apartment blocks functioning during heavy snowfall. We’re available 24/7 and offer this service to hospitals, condominiums, schools and office properties. We have modern equipment that’s fitted with GPS devices that help us maintain records of services we’ve supplied in Patterson. We also provide shoveling, de-icing, salting and plowing.

Tree Service

Some of the tree services we provide include stump grinding, tree trimming, removal of limbs and tree cutting. Every year businesses and homeowners experience millions of dollars in property damage from weak and diseased trees. The amount of losses increases with heavy snowfall, heavy rains and strong winds. You can put a stop to this problem way before it starts by calling on Harter professionals. We’ll visit your property and give you a free estimate. It’s an easy and sure solution when compared to having a tree land right on your roof. Trees can be beautiful when they’re taken care of. We’ll also offer pruning, which counts as an important part of tree growth.


Pests have ruined countless beautiful gardens and lawns. Don’t let your garden be part of this statistic. Excessive use of pesticides or limited use can end up ruining your property. Pest infestations have the potential to prevent the healthy growth of plants. You need professional application when dealing with pesticides. Harter uses granular and liquid pesticide application to remove bugs and diseases that destroy plants. Our landscapers will design a special program to care for your particular problem. Some customers prefer a special kind of flower or a particular type of grass. Harter Landscaping of Patterson knows exactly what to do. Whether you need treatment for disease carrying bugs or unhealthy trees, our experts have the necessary knowledge and long years of experience in managing pest problems.


Sprinkling systems have been known to revive lawns that are barely surviving. We install, repair and maintain sprinkler systems. After the summer heat dies down, we prepare your sprinkler system for the coming winter. Your lawn can thrive with a proper supply of water.


Harter Landscaping of Patterson can build styled masonry walls, according to clients’ needs. We’ll show you how to maximize retaining so that they build up a low-lying area of property. Our craftsmen are highly experienced and our prices are affordable. We provide pavement installation and repair, brickwork for outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, stone combined with wrought iron or complete masonry walls. If you’ve ever needed a brick courtyard, our skilled professionals can make it happen.

Landscape Lighting

We can install unique landscape lighting options around your home or business. This is necessary to enhance the security and safety of your home and also cut your insurance costs too. Placing lighting systems around sidewalks, water fountains and trees makes your property safer. A well-lit property makes it safer to entertain guests in the evening when the exterior of your home is beautifully lit. Homes that are properly lit at night also improve the safety of your neighborhood.


If you lack a proper drainage system, you can end up experiencing problems like flooding. This can create expensive repairs for any business owner or homeowner. Harter Landscaping of Patterson provides services on trench drains, French drains, channel drains and storm drains. We also provide waterproofing and video inspection- this will help us detect leaks and weaknesses in your drainage system. If you need catch basins, a sump pump or grate services, call us today. We can help. We also provide power snaking under our drainage services.

Free Estimates

All our customers in Patterson, New York can get free estimates on our landscaping services. We cover every aspect of rock gardening, lawn care, decorative fountain design and masonry wall services. Every year, more homeowners and business owners are opting to work with our company to improve their property. Our team of professionals won’t rest until they give you the garden or lawn of perfection. It’s a process that takes time, knowledge and skill. Give us a call today and let us get started.

More about Patterson

Patterson is located in Putnam county in the northeast part of the country. Funny fact about Patterson, it’s named for Matthew Paterson, who would often spell his name wrongly (notice that one ‘t’ has been omitted). Patterson was once known part of a town known as Fredericktown. There was a long running row over this land because settlers first put up camp in the Oblong during the 1700s. The Oblong’s ownership was disputed by New York and Connecticut. After the revolution, some of the land was confiscated and a part of the Oblong was chartered as the official town of Fredericktown. In the late 1700s, the town split into 4 parts; Carmel, Franklin (later names Patterson), Southeast and Fredrick which later came to be known as Kent.




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