Landscaping Putnam County NY

Landscaping Services in Putnam county, NY

Delivery and Removal

Homeowner and business owners making the effort to maintain their landscapes, sometimes require the use of a dumpster, gravel, mulch delivery, soil or shrubbery. Harter Landscaping of Putnam county can deliver these items to you. We’re fast and reliable. If you need a large cleaning project done, or if you need your garage space cleared, we can pick up and get rid of unwanted debris. Cleaning up a property can doesn’t have to be difficult. Our professionals help make the difference by organizing well-managed cleanups and long drawn out processes that are affordable. You need a reliable service provider and that’s us.

General Landscaping

Edging borders, weed removal and mulch placement can be quite a task for someone inexperienced. You need to be armed with vast knowledge on when and how to plant certain foliage, water requirements, light requirements, etc. Harter has the knowledge and modern tools needed to give you a gorgeous backdrop of lawn and flowers for your home or business. Aerating a lawn and preparing it for winter is an all year round process.

Snow Plowing

Removing snow and ice from business driveways and roadways helps keep shopping malls and housing developments moving when there’s heavy snowfall. We are available 24/7 and provide this service for hospitals, schools, housing properties and offices. We use modern equipment designed with GPS tech that helps us maintain records of the last time we serviced your home or business. Some of the other services we provide include de-icing, plowing, salting and shoveling.

Tree Service

We provide several tree services including tree trimming, removal of limbs, grinding stumps, pruning and cutting trees. Each year, weak and diseased trees land on your roof or car causing millions of dollars in property damage. This number can increase with bad weather, i.e. heavy snowfall, heavy rainfall and high winds. Call us today if you have this problem on your property. You could end up saving yourself heavy repair costs by choosing an affordable option- Harter Landscaping of Putnam county. We’ll ensure your trees are beautiful and properly maintained.


Termites, ants and other pests can ruin a beautiful garden or lawn quickly. In the same way, using too much pesticides or too little can ruin your property. Pest infestations can prevent the healthy growth of plants. When dealing with pesticides, professional application is best. We use both granular and liquid pesticides for removing bugs and diseases that destroy plants. Every piece of property is different and our landscape designers will create a care program that’s suited to your property. Whether you need to treat disease carrying bugs or your problem is unhealthy trees, our knowledge and years of experience will help us solve your problem with the exact pest application needed for success.


A good sprinkling system makes all the difference in a lawn that’s barely flourishing or surviving. We can install, fix and maintain any type of sprinkler system. After the summer heat cools off, it’s time to start preparing your sprinkler system for winter. Injecting the proper amount of water into your lawn can make a big difference in the health of your garden or lawn.


Harter Landscaping of Putnam county can build any masonry wall you desire. Retaining walls are a great masonry addition, since they hold soil in place and can help homeowners put up low-lying areas of property. These necessary additions to the property can be strong, useful as well as beautiful. Our craftsmen are knowledgeable and highly creative and our prices are affordable. We provide installation and pavement repair, complete masonry walls, brickwork for outdoor kitchens, courtyards and fireplaces, stone combined with wrought iron, etc. Have you ever dreamt of having your own brick courtyard? Leave it to our skilled installation experts at Harter to make it happen.

Landscape Lighting

We can install unique landscape lighting fixtures for your home or business. This enhances security and safety and the addition of outdoor lighting has its advantages in insurance costs too. Lighting fixtures around sidewalks, water fountains and trees make a property safer. Homes lit at night improve safety in the neighborhood and also offer homeowners an amazing advantage of entertaining guests at night.


Taking care of your drainage system is important for the proper functioning of your home or business. Lack of a proper drainage system can cause flooding, which creates an expensive need for repairs. Harter Landscaping of Putnam county provides professional drainage services that include trench and channel drains, French drains and storm drains. Waterproofing and offer video inspection are other examples of services we offer for drainage systems. We will look for any leaks and weaknesses in the system and fix them. Do you need catch basins, a sump pump or professional grate services? We will help. Power snaking is also another convenient part of our drainage service.

Free Estimates

Harter Landscaping of Putnam county offers customers free estimates on all landscaping services. We cover every aspect of masonry wall services, decorative fountain design, lawn care and rock gardening. Every year, more people are choosing to work with Harter Landscaping to improve their property. This is because our professionals understand that giving you the lawn of your dreams is a process that requires time, skill and knowledge. We have everything a homeowner or business owner needs for great looking landscapes. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and let us transform your landscape.

More about Putnam county

Putnam county is located in New York. It is named for Israel Putnam, a war hero and a general in the American Revolutionary War. Its county seat is Carmel. Putnam county is located in the lower Hudson River Valley. Just around an hour away is the bustling Midtown Manhattan and Grand Central is an hour and twenty minutes away from Putnam county. The county continues to grow in size and is considered part of Downstate New York. A contributing factor towards this is also Putnam county’s richness- it’s considered one of the wealthiest counties in America. Harter Landscaping is proud to serve the residents of Putnam county with affordable landscaping solutions. We offer lawn services, masonry wall additions, drainage services, garbage collection, etc. Call us today and let us know how we can assist you if you’re based anywhere in Putnam county.




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