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Landscaping Services in Putnam Valley, NY

Delivery and Removal

Sometimes homeowners or business owners require mulch, gravel, the use of a dumpster or delivery of soil and shrubbery. Harter Landscaping of Putnam Valley is able to deliver these items. If you need any cleaning or clearing of debris, we can pick it up and dispose it for you. Cleaning a piece of property is difficult, but our experts can make the difference through organizing a well-managed cleanup that is affordable. Harter is fast and efficient.

General Landscaping

Everyone loves to enjoy a beautiful garden or lawn, but weeding, mulch placement, edging borders, etc. can create quite a task if you don’t have the experience. Knowing the water needs, the duration and process required to plant certain foliage and the amount of light required for proper growth are all the things necessary for beautiful floral scenery. Our specialists have the skill and tools required to create for you a beautiful backdrop of lawn and flowers. Lawn aeration and preparing it for winter is an all year process.

Snow Plowing

Snow removal and ice removal from business driveways and roadways keeps shopping plazas and apartment developments functioning in snowy weather. Give us a call 24/7 during winter. We serve schools, condominiums, hospitals and office blocks. We use modern equipment that’s designed with GPS technology that helps us keep records of services we supply in Putnam Valley.  Plowing, salting, shoveling and de-icing are examples of other services we offer under snow removal.

Tree Service

The tree services we provide include grinding stumps, tree trimming, removal of limbs and tree cutting. Every year weak and diseased trees end up causing millions of dollars’ worth of property damage. This number increases when there’s heavy snow, heavy rains and intense winds. You can prevent the likelihood of a tree falling right on the hood of your car by calling or visiting us today. This is the far more affordable alternative. Trees are beautiful when they are maintained properly. This also includes pruning which is an important part of tree growth.


Pests can be a nightmare for any beautiful garden or lawn. In the same way, too much pesticides or too little can also be a big problem. Insect infestations can prevent the healthy growth of plants. When it comes to dealing with pesticides, professional application is best. We use granular and liquid pesticides to remove bugs and diseases that destroy plants. Our landscapers won’t make a move without consulting you. They will design a care program suited to your problem. One client may love a special brand of flower while the other prefers a special type of grass. We’ll ensure we put your needs first. Do you need treatment for disease carrying bugs or unhealthy trees? Harter Landscaping of Putnam Valley specialists have the necessary knowledge combined with years of experience to manage any problem with the exact application guaranteeing success.


At Harter, we can install, fix and maintain any type of sprinkler system. After the heat from summer subsides, we’ll prepare your sprinkler system for the coming winter. The infusion of the right amount of water into your lawn or garden makes a difference in its overall health.


Harter Landscaping of Putnam Valley can build any masonry wall in whatever style you desire. We can also put up retaining walls, which usually hold soil in place. These additions keep your property strong, useful and beautiful. Harter’s craftsmen are knowledgeable and our prices are affordable. We offer pavement installation and repair, masonry walls, stone combined with wrought iron, brickwork for outdoor fireplaces, barbeque grounds and kitchens, etc. Brick courtyards make for lovely additions to any home. Get yours designed by the experts today.

Landscape Lighting

We can install unique landscape lighting fixtures around your entire home or business. Landscape lighting is important since it boosts security and safety and has advantages in insurance costs too. Unique lights surrounding sidewalks, water fountains, and trees can make your property safer. Well-lit grounds can provide the advantage of entertaining guests in the evening. One way of improving the safety of your neighborhood is by installing unique and affordable landscape lighting. Call Harter today.


Paying attention to your drainage system is important because it saves you from problems like flooding, which usually create the need for expensive repairs for any business owner or homeowner. Harter Landscaping of Putnam Valley services storm drains, French drains, trench and channel drains, etc. We also waterproof and provide video inspections, searching for any gaps in the system. Sump pumps, catch basins, grate services and power snaking are examples of other drainage services we offer.

Free Estimates

Harter Landscaping of Putnam Valley offers customers free estimates on all landscaping services. This includes masonry wall services, lawn care, rock gardening, decorative fountain design and more. Every year, more Putnam Valley residents are opting to work with Harter to improve their property. This is because we understand that a gorgeous lawn is no accident. It’s a process that takes time, skill and extensive knowledge. We have everything needed to create great looking landscapes for you. Give us a call today.

More about Putnam Valley

Putnam Valley is located in Putnam county, New York. Our town was named ‘Putnam Valley’ in 1840. It is located in the southwest of Putnam county. Most of the near 12,000 people who live here commute to New York daily for work or recreational purposes. It takes roughly forty to fifty minutes to drive to Manhattan. Putnam Valley’s landscape comes from the retreating glaciers that came about during the last ice age. The shearing of hills led to springs and also left glacial deposits of stone and heavy boulders. It’s an exciting natural phenomena that any visitor to Putnam Valley will enjoy. It’s one of the reasons Putnam Valley has earned its name “Town of Lakes”.




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