Landscaping Rye NY

Landscaping Services in Rye, NY


Harter Landscaping & Contracting is one of the leading and most reputable landscaping and contracting companies in Rye, New York.

We provide the following range of services; general landscaping, masonry services, delivery & removal services, irrigation & sprinkler services, snow plowing, landscape lighting, tree management services, drainage and pesticide management services.

General Landscaping

Under this category, we provide 10 main types of services; monthly maintenance programs, pressure washing, Fall & Spring clean-ups, gutter clearing, reseeding & setting up of new lawns, fence installation, planting, mulching, landscape design and trimming of hedges and shrubs.

Monthly Maintenance Programs

We provide regular maintenance services that consist of mowing the lawns, trimming the trees, watering flowers and removing dirt from driveways, patios and walkways .

Pressure Washing

our clients are provided with quality pressure washing services that ensures their homes and businesses look beautiful all the time. This service removes stubborn mildew and stains, and also prevents the growth of bacteria on the patios and walkways. This ensures the they remain in good condition.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

We clean up all the dirt, leaves, and debris that accumulates during winter and fall. The package also consists of the application of fertilizer to boost the growth of grass, and also application of herbicides to prevent the growth of weeds.

Gutter Cleaning

Our mission is to ensure that our clients’ gutters are regularly cleaned to prevent gutters from clogging and causing water leakage into your home. Gutter cleaning also prevents the accumulation of snow during the winter season, which may cause substantial damage.

Reseeding & New Lawns

We can plant a new lawns using either hydro-seeding or sod. Sod takes only a couple days, while hydro-seeding can take several weeks or more to take hold. We also provide clients with irrigation services.


We provide clients with various types of fencing services, such as; design, installation, maintenance and repair. Interested clients are also provided with security fences that comprise of enhanced security features.


We provide clients with various packages; such as trees, flowers and shrubs. Since the seedlings are sourced from reputable nurseries, our clients are assured of getting good quality and healthy seedlings. We also provide after-sale service on the plants for 12 months.


All our clients benefit from quality mulching services laid on their plant/flower beds at very affordable prices. The mulch serves the important role of preventing growth of weeds and also minimizing the loss of moisture into the atmosphere.

Landscape Design

Since we work with some of the best architects available in the US, our clients can be assured of getting professional and high quality landscape design services.

Trimming of Shrubs and Hedges

Trimming is important because it makes the plants appear attractive, in addition to enhancing their general health and growth.

Delivery & Removal Services

Our staff can deliver mulch, tree seedlings, rocks, shrubs and soil. We also deliver bulky items such as large containers.

Snow Plowing

We have a wide range of equipment that is useful in the plowing/removal of snow, and have been providing this type of service for approximately fifteen years. Our main objective is the timely removal of accumulated snow to ensure non-hindrance of emergency vehicles, besides ensuring the safety of residents, customers and employees.

Some of our prominent customers include; shopping complexes, schools, homeowners’ associations, warehouses, apartments and condominiums.

During winter season, we provide round-the-clock services. We can provide snow plowing and shoveling, de-icing, sanding & salting and physical relocation.

Tree Management Services

With the help of qualified arborists who are certified, we provide the following range of tree management services; uprooting of trees, soil treatment, pruning, addition of fertilizer, bracing, stump grinding, trimming, cabling and spraying.

Pesticide Services

We offer professional pesticide management services using either granular or liquid applications. Our clients are provided with comprehensive lawn management and deep root management systems that perfectly suit the specific needs.

Our mission is to protect clients’ plants from damage by diseases and/or pests, thus ensuring the existence of beautiful and healthy plants. We offer three main types of fertilizers; organic, granular and chemical fertilizers.

Drainage Services

Some of the specialized services that we provide under our drainage services department are; draining of trenches and channels, power snaking, installation of sump pumps, location of pipes, water proofing, video inspection, construction of storm drains, designing of grates and basins, constructing flow-well drywells and designing of French drains, among other services.

Landscape Lighting

We are well qualified and experienced in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of various models of landscape lighting systems. Clients who procure our services benefit from enhanced safety & security (thus discouraging criminals) and improved visibility while walking at night along sidewalks, driveways and patios.

Irrigation & Sprinkler Services

We are a fully service company that is dedicated to high quality and reliable services while using premium products. We have mastered the art of strategically placing irrigation and sprinkler systems, thus ensuring that all our clients are surrounded with healthy and beautiful plants. We provide the following irrigation services; installation, winterization, maintenance and repair services.

Masonry Services

We are a reputable stone & brick company that has specialized in many aspects of masonry services. Since we have provided these services for many years, we possess a wealth of experience in building/laying stone walls, decorative gravel, pavement, retaining walls, patios, sidewalks, walkways, and driveways.



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