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Landscaping Services in Somers, NY

We’d like to give you a warm welcome to the best landscaping and lawn maintenance professionals in Somers, New York- Harter Landscaping. We’re a team committed to providing the best results for homes and properties in Westchester county. Contact us whether you’re in need of weekly lawn services, tree trims, or a stunning award worthy design for your garden. In our more than 15 years of practice we have come to know that each and every landscaping project has a distinct set of needs, and our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. That is why we offer free consultation and set estimate appointments to meet with you and discuss your landscaping vision. We have an excellent customer service record and gladly provide our list of clients as references. We’re available 7 days a week in Somers. Here are some of our services:
General Landscaping
We offer several general landscaping services to ensure your yard and property stays beautiful and healthy at competitive prices. You can hire weekly, bi-weekly as well as monthly lawn maintenance services and these include debris removal, edging, lawn mowing, lawn trimming, and turning. We also offer competitive and convenient year-round contracts inclusive of snow plowing, application of fertilizers and maintenance of sprinklers throughout spring and fall. How do you prepare your property for cold winter months? Harter usually begins with a complete cleanup of any leaves and debris in your yard, and trim any shrubs and perennials. Then, we’ll treat your soil using lime to prepare your lawn to bounce back in spring. After a cold winter, we clean up deposited debris, apply a starter fertilizer to help your lawn grow back, and fully organic weed protection as well. This method guarantees you have a healthy, beautiful and green spring lawn. Harter can also help with sod/hydro seeding, hedge trims, trimming of shrubs, mulching, and eye catching landscape designs all year round. Other general landscaping services consist of fence installation and fence repair, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing. Pressure washing increases your property’s curb appeal, extends the life of your siding, patio, driveway, as well as sidewalks. To learn more or plan a free estimate on any of our general landscaping services, contact us today.
Spring and Fall Cleanup
This service consists of general maintenance after extenuating weather in both the Spring and the Fall. Our fall cleanup ensures that your landscape is prepared to take on the long winter months ahead. This means trimming up perennial plants and applying lime for protection. The spring cleanup ensures that your lawn is free of the debris that has collected over the winter months so that your yard is ready for spring activities and gardening. This service includes a thorough removal of all debris that may have fallen into your yard, applying starter fertilizer to fuel the growth of a healthy lawn, and organic weed prevention to keep that lawn healthy with no competition from unwanted plants.
New Lawn and Reseeding
With an option of either sod or hydro seeding, we can get your lawn back to where it needs to be for all of your guests to enjoy comfortable. Sod requires ripping up the old lawn, then laying in the sod. The benefit of sod is that it is generally completed within the course of two days. Hydro seeding may take anywhere from three to five weeks for the grass to take root and begin its growth. It then requires reseeding applications afterward. Regardless of your preferences, we provide both services with quality practice.
You can have your gardening and shrubbery work completed for you, shopping included. We comb the nurseries with the best quality in plants for your gardening needs. Whether you are looking into a privacy barrier or a beautifully tasteful flower garden, you can count on disease-free plants and a one-year warranty on all installation and labor.
Landscape Design
Make your home improvement vision become a reality when you opt for our services for landscaping design. With some of the best landscaping architects in the U.S. at our fingertips, the possibilities are endless for making your desires appear before your eyes. From complex spreads to simplistic tasks, you have some excellent resources to perform your bidding.
Hedge and Shrub Trimming
We have a trained staff of arborists to ensure that your shrubs and hedges look clean and well-kept. Ensure the health and life of your shrubbery with our quality service.
Mulching provides an aesthetically pleasing touch to gardens and other areas, as well as keeping moisture locked into the soil and staving off the growth of weeds. This helps keep nourishment plentiful for your plants.
Fence installation
Regardless of your fence needs, we can provide a service for it. Ensure safety and security by opting for our fence installation service, whether you require a repair, design, or installation.
Gutter Clearing
Keeping your roof in working condition is of utmost importance for home improvement and maintenance. This requires clean, debris-free gutters that receive regular upkeep. We perform this service during the late fall, after the most of the leaves have fallen and possibly filled your gutters. Investing in our service can help keep your home from suffering some serious damage in the winter months to come.
Pressure Washing
Increase your home’s value up to $15000 with our pressure washing service to remove stains, mildew and other molds, and add to the aesthetics of your home. We can clean siding, pavement and walkways, and patios and decks. Whether you are trying to sell your house, or you’re just keeping the safety of your family in mind, pressure washing can help you achieve a more attractive home.
Delivery and Removal Services
Whether you’re looking for soil, mulch, shrubs or trees, Harter is able to deliver all kinds of landscaping material straight to your residence or place of business. Contact us for an estimate and we can also schedule for delivery. Our professionals will remove any unwanted material, like trash or construction site debris. Not to worry, we have a fleet of dump trucks and containers of many sizes, so we can’t let you down. For effective, fast and expert removal and delivery services, call us now.
Snow Plowing
Harter can help you with all your snow plowing & removal needs. We’ve performed snow removal for single family homes, apartment blocks, parking lots, schools and hospitals. During winter, you can rely on our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have excellent knowledge of the latest GPS technology and the most advanced snow plowing equipment available. You need to maintain your safety and access to your property and we’ll help you! Just contact us today.
Tree Services
Do you know what happens when you have properly trimmed trees? They’re healthy, balanced and live longer. Harter has its own pro staff arborist who is able to recommend the best custom tree management program based on your needs. Some of our services are grinding, bracing, spraying, pruning, leaf and soil treatments and removal. We also trim and deep fertilize your trees which keeps them free from diseases. We promise to keep your trees healthy as well as strong for the coming years.
Pesticide Services
Harter protects your landscaping from diseases and harmful insects using a number of pesticide services. These can include liquid and granular applications. The best way to eliminate a problem is if you catch it early. Call us today if you suspect anything may be harming your yard or property. Our most popular package under this service is the 6 step lawn management system tailored for homes and properties. We’re planning to introduce a range of all organic, ecologically friendly provisions in the future.
Drainage Services
Count on this full-service drainage company to offer you a variety of affordable services suited for you. To learn more about the drainage services, such as french drains, water-proofing, power snaking, trench/channel drains, storm drains, sump pumps, video inspection, and pipe locations, please visit us or call us today.
Landscape Lighting
One of the simplest and most effective things you can do to improve your home or property’s appearance and security is to install landscape lighting. Landscape lighting adds that special ambiance to your property or yard while showcasing its natural and landscaped features. Our Harter professionals can come up with a customized lighting plan for your home or property that includes small floodlights, accent lights, security illumination and path lights. Our range of lighting design options, unmatched installation, and maintenance services are available. Call now to schedule an appointment.
Irrigation and Sprinkler Services
You need an irrigation or sprinkler system that maintains the state and look of your lawn and plantings. Harter offers all year services that can help. Our sprinkler system services include winterization, spring start-ups, and any repairs you might need. We have adequate experience with systems of all types and models. Call Harter today and talk to one of our friendly professional staff, who’ll introduce you to some of our fully warrantied services.
Masonry Services

What’s the backyard of your dreams? We’re pretty sure that whatever it is, you can count on us to make it a reality. The Harter experts will help you build it with our excellent knowledge in masonry. Do you want to add a fountain, stone wall, a fire pit, or a brick path to your backyard? We will help. Are you interested in retaining walls, walkways, river rock beds, patios, or beautiful stone? We have a high level of know-how as well as do-how. Thanks to our high quality materials, excellent knowledge in landscaping and years of experience, we can always guarantee our customers are 100% satisfied with our work. We take no chances. Contact Harter today and see why we boast about our track record.

Harter Landscaping and Contracting is happy to be associated with the Cradle of the American Circus. Every year, multitudes of tourists visit Somers to witness the place where all circus antics began. It was here that the very first circus in America began. The Somers Town Hall was once called Elephant Hotel and it was named for Bet, the town elephant. Bet attracted hundreds then thousands then tens of thousands during her early years. Today, Bet is gone, but her legacy is remembered across America. Harter Landscaping is proud to serve Somers. We offer professional services that are both affordable and high standard. Call us today if you need a unique landscaping design, excellent stonework for your patio, sidewalks, etc.



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