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Landscaping Services in Tuckahoe, NY


Why spend countless hours trying to landscape your yard yourself when you can allow us here at Harter Landscaping to provide you with a complete custom landscaping experience. Our expert landscapers will have your yard looking like the next new thing. We will have your neighbors talking about what you have done with your yard.

We want your first experience to be the best and offer a huge selection of customizable options to have your yard looking like a piece of artwork. Our services include but are not limited to general landscaping, delivery and removal, snow plowing, trees, pesticides/herbicides, drainage, lighting, irrigation, and masonry services. Nothing gets the neighbors attention like a well-groomed yard with custom landscaping.

General Landscaping

When considering your general landscaping needs, Harter offers a variety of plans. There are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly lawn care services. You know that patch of fallen trees and brush in the back of the yard that was pounded during the harsh weather? We even have a service to help get that cleaned up and removed so that eye sore doesn’t keep you from enjoying your yard. Having a hard time with your lawn not looking pristine and hate constantly looking at dead spots in the yard? You guessed it, we can come in and reseed to give you a plush uniform look. We also have custom landscape designs constructed by renowned architects. We offer service contracts that will care of everything. General landscaping services include mulching, hedge and shrub trimming, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and much more.

Delivery and Removal

Do you have old tree stumps and dead brush piling up? No need to worry, because our delivery and removal service will help get rid of that unwanted debris. We will remove mulch, rocks, trees, shrubs, soil and other pesky landscaping disasters. To top it off, we also delivery almost any material you can think of right to your home.

Snow Services

Blocked in your driveway and can’t get around the snow pile? What if you are a business owner and your parking lot is full of snow and ice and there is no way for your customers to come to your store. Why miss out on all of that business? We will come to you and clear your driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk. We have over 15 years of experience in dealing with snow removal. We regularly provide de-icing, salting and sanding, snow relocation, and plowing. Look no further than Harter when you are blocked in and stuck inside due to Mother Nature.


Don’t be the guy who let his tree fall on the neighborhood’s power line. We offer preventative care to make sure your trees are healthy and secure. We have cabling and bracing services, along with limb and tree removal, stump grinding, pruning and fertilizing spray treatments.

Pesticide Control

At Harter Landscaping, we have several options to keep your lawn in great shape. There are basic 6-step programs that are uniquely designed to target the pest problem, as well as an extensive deep root method, that is tailored to promoting health, specifically designed to target individual and certain types of trees, shrubs and hedges.


We offer extensive drainage services that can fix any drainage or plumbing problem. Our experts know how to handle your drains. We offer sump-pumps, drain repair and or replacement, water proofing, power snaking, and flo-well drywells. We even offer catch basins and grates as well to better complete your drainage needs.

Landscape Lighting

Ever stayed inside at night when you feel you should be outside enjoying your beautiful landscape. Once again we are here to provide you with complete custom landscape lighting and repair. Not only can we repair nearly any model of landscape lighting system, but we can also install and customize one just for your needs. What better way to keep criminals at bay during the night, than with a brightly and detailed lit yard. Our lighting services are sure to showcase the beauty of your landscape, even when it’s dark outside. We offer repairs, design, maintenance and more!

Irrigation and Sprinkler Services

At Harter Landscaping, we know that keeping a beautiful lawn that is plush and green is important to our clients. That is why we offer complete installation, repair, and maintenance on any irrigation and sprinkler system. Having that lush yard is not as easy as just throwing some water on it and giving it something to drink. We strategically place sprinkler heads to ensure the water is making to the right place. Our irrigation and sprinkler service will have not only your grass looking great, but will also have your shrubs, trees, and other plants looking healthy and vibrant. All of our irrigation and sprinkler work comes with a warranty, so you never have to worry if something goes wrong, we have your back!


Ever thought of sprucing up your landscape with a little masonry work? We have several options and can offer suggestions to you if you are needing a starting point. We specialize in walkways, patios, driveways, retaining walls, brick walls, and decorative gravel.



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