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Harter Landscaping is a team of landscaping and lawn maintenance professionals in Valhalla, New York. We are committed to providing our clients with attractive landscaping designs for their homes and properties. Contact us if you are looking for reliable weekly lawn services, tree trimming, or a striking design for your garden. In our more than 15 years of practice we have come to realize that every landscaping project has its own unique needs. We can help our clients see their vision transformed into a solid idea which they can be proud of. We offer free consultation services and estimate appointments to meet with our clients and discuss their requirements.
We are proud of our stellar customer service record and we’re available 7 days a week in Valhalla. Here are some of the services we offer:

General Landscaping

We offer several general landscaping services to help keep your yard and property beautiful and healthy at very affordable prices. We provide weekly, bi-weekly and monthly lawn services that include debris removal, lawn mowing and trimming, edging and turning. We also offer competitive twelve month contracts which include fertilizer application, snow plowing and sprinkler repairs during spring and fall.

Harter will help you prepare your property for the cold winter by using a few key steps. We’ll start with a thorough cleanup of all the leaves and debris that’s in your yard, and then trim any shrubs and perennials we find. After that we will use lime to treat your soil because it helps your lawn bounce back in time for spring. After winter passes, we will remove any debris that’s been deposited, and also apply a starter fertilizer which will help your lawn grow back, and organic weed protection as well. This will ensure your spring lawn is beautiful, green, and healthy. We also help with mulching, various forms of seeding, hedge and shrub trimming, and installing landscape designs all year round.
Some of the other services we provide under general landscaping include; fence installation and restoration, cleaning gutters and pressure washing. Pressure washing has several benefits including that it increases your property’s curb appeal, extends the life of your sidewalks, siding, driveway and patio. To learn more, or request a free quote on our general landscaping services, call us so we can schedule an appointment.

Delivery and Removal Services

Whether you need soil, mulch, trees or shrubs, our company delivers all types of landscaping material directly to your home or business. Call us for an estimate and we can also schedule for delivery. We can also clear unwanted material, like garbage or debris on construction sites. We have several dump trucks and small as well as large containers that can be at your disposal any time. For quick, efficient and professional delivery and removal services, call us today.

Snow Plowing

Harter can provide assistance with all your snow plowing and snow removal needs. We remove snow from single family homes, apartment complexes, hospitals, parking lots and schools. During cold winter months our staff responds 24/7, with GPS and modern equipment available, we’re able to keep you safe and ease access to your property.

Tree Services

A tree that is properly trimmed is healthy and balanced and has a longer life expectancy. Harter has a qualified staff arborist who is able to recommend the best tree management program for you and your property. Our services include grinding, bracing, soil and leaf treatments, spraying, pruning and removal. We can trim and deep fertilize the trees on your property on a regular basis and examine them for disease. We’ll ensure your trees remain healthy and strong for the years to come.

Pesticide Services

Harter Landscaping can protect your landscaping from insects and diseases that are likely to cause harm. We offer professional pesticide services, the most popular being a 6 step lawn management system designed for homes and properties. Soon we’re going to introduce a range of 100% organic, ecologically friendly preparations.

Drainage Services

We’re a full-service drainage company that provides several drainage services including storm drains, water-proofing, power snaking, trench and channel drains, pipe locations, sump pumps, french drains and video inspection. Contact us today.

Landscape Lighting

One of the simplest and most efficient ways of improving your home’s appearance and security is through landscape lighting. Landscape lighting can add a unique feel to any property or yard and end up highlighting its natural or landscaped features. Our company can customize a lighting plan for your property, which includes small floodlights, path lights, accent lights and security illumination. Our diverse range of lighting designs, installation methods, and restoration services are readily available by appointment.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Services

You need an irrigation or sprinkler system that’s able to maintain your lawn and plantings’ look and form. We can help you make this a reality with our year-round services. Our sprinkler system services include winterization, spring start-up together with any repairs. We have experience with systems of all kinds and models. Give us a call today and talk to our expert staff, who’ll introduce you to a range of fully warrantied services.

Masonry Services

Our stellar masonry services will ensure you have the backyard of your dreams. Are you looking to add a dreamy fountain, brick path, fire pit, or stone wall to your backyard? We will help. Interested in river rock beds, patios, retaining walls, walkways or decorative stone? We have extensive knowledge as well as practical skills. We use the highest quality materials, and our professional masons can make any landscaping dream come true.


Valhalla is a hamlet that’s located in Mount Pleasant in Westchester county. The name of the village was inspired by a fan of Richard Wagner, a legendary opera composer. The name Valhalla has an interesting origin. It gained the name when the need for a new US Post office came up. The old one was located in a pre-existing town that is now submerged. The postmaster’s wife called the town Valhalla because of her love for Richard Wagner’s compositions. She also shared his interest for Norse mythology. According to Norse mythology, the term “Valhalla” refers to a heavenly paradise for slain warriors. The village still maintains the association with death- well-known people are buried here.



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