Landscaping White Plains NY

Landscaping Services in White Plains, NY

Delivery and Removal
In some instances, a homeowner or business may require the use of a dumpster, delivery of mulch, gravel, soil or shrubbery. Harter Landscaping & Contracting is able to deliver these items. If a large cleaning project is needed, or a garage space cleared, we can pick up and dispose of your unwanted debris. Cleaning up a property can seem daunting but expert help can make the difference in a well-managed cleanup and a long drawn out process that is unnecessarily expensive. We’re fast and efficient.
General Landscaping
Everyone loves a bed of beautiful flowers but the problem of weeding, edging borders and placing mulch, creates quite a task, for the inexperienced. Knowing when and how to plant certain foliage, water needs and the right amount of shade or sunlight for proper growth requirement is necessary information for beautiful floral scenery. Harter has the know-how and the tools to create the look you want for a beautiful backdrop of lawn and flowers for your home. The aerating of a lawn and its preparation for winter is a year round process.
Snow Plowing

Snow removal is an important sector of our company serving White Plains, New York. The city is filled with historical elements and remains mobile even in bad weather. Removing snow and ice from business drives and roadways keeps shopping malls and housing developments moving in snowy weather. We are available around the clock and provide this service for schools, condominiums and office properties. Equipment is up to date and designed with tracking devices that provide records on services supplied for each location. We provide salting, plowing, shoveling and de-icing to all of Westchester county.

Tree Service
We provide trimming, removal of limbs, stump grinding or tree cutting. Weak and diseased trees are responsible for millions of dollars in property damage each year. This increases with heavy snow, rainy weather and high winds. Stop this problem long before it starts by having us visit your property and giving you an estimate. This is a far less expensive solution than having a tree land on your roof. Trees are beautiful when properly maintained. This includes pruning, an important part of tree growth.
Pests can ruin a beautiful garden or lawn quickly. This problem can go both ways. Too much pesticides or too little can ruin a property. Infestations of insects have the ability to prevent the healthy growth of plants. Professional application is best when dealing with pesticides. Granular and liquid pesticides are available for the removal of bugs and diseases that destroy plants. Every property is different and our landscapers are able to design a program of care for your particular problem. A client may love a special brand of flower or a special type of grass. Harter Landscaping experts know exactly what to do. Whether the need is treatment for disease carrying bugs or the treatment of unhealthy trees, our specialists are ready with the knowledge and experience to manage the problem with the exact application needed for success.
A sprinkling system can make the difference in a lawn barely surviving or flourishing. We install, repair and maintain any brand of sprinkler system. After summer heat has subsided, we prepare the sprinkler system for winter. The infusion of the proper amount of water into your lawn will make a difference in its health.

Harter Landscaping & Contracting is able to build any styled masonry wall desired. Retaining walls hold soil in place and can help a homeowner build up a low-lying area of property. These necessary additions to the property can be strong, useful and beautiful. Craftsmen are skilled and prices are affordable. We offer installation and repair of pavement, retaining walls, stone combined with wrought iron, complete masonry walls or brickwork for outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. If a brick courtyard has ever been in your beautification plans our skilled installation experts can make it happen.

Landscape Lighting
We can install landscape lighting around your entire home or business. This is important for security and safety and the addition of outdoor lighting offers advantages in insurance costs too. Lights around water fountains, sidewalks and trees make a property safer. A lighted property offers the advantage of entertaining in the evening when the exterior of the home is beautifully lit. Homes lit at night also improve the safety of the overall neighborhood.
Taking care of your drainage system is important to your property. The lack of proper drainage can cause flooding, creating expensive repairs for a business or homeowner. Harter Landscaping & Contracting expertly services French drains, trench and channel drains and storm drains. We also do waterproofing and offer video inspection, searching for leaks and weaknesses in the system. Need a sump pump, catch basins or grate services? We can help. Power snaking is another convenient part of our drainage service.
Free Estimates
Harter Landscaping & Contracting offers customers in White Plains, New York free estimates on all landscaping services. Every aspect of lawn care, rock gardening, decorative fountain design or masonry wall service is included. Every year, more people are choosing Harter Landscaping & Contracting to improve their property. A gorgeous lawn is no accident. The process takes time skill and knowledge. We have everything a homeowner or business needs for great looking landscapes.
More about White Plains
White Plains is a city in Westchester county, New York with a sizeable population of just around 60,000. White Plains is home to a host of corporate business houses, some notable leisure hotels and a comprehensive education system with some distinguished colleges. At Harter Landscaping we have been able to acquire a sizeable market share with the family homes and also among the many corporate and educational institutions in the city. The landscape of White Plains is marked with some tall buildings, condominiums, four major college campuses, housing complexes and cultural centers with the city connected by an excellent road network. Such a setting makes it ideal for a company like ours to provide our services. We have been providing our services diligently for the past 27 years. Our treasure chest of knowledge and experience in the field has made us a name to be reckoned with in the market and earned the trust of many families and institutions.
Harter Landscaping of White Plains
15 Bryant Avenue
White Plains, NY, 10605
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