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Welcome to Harter Landscaping – we’re a full-service team of professionals who handle landscaping and lawn maintenance in Yorktown, New York. Our team is dedicated to providing the best results for homes and properties in Westchester county. Call or visit us today if you’re looking for proficient weekly lawn services, tree trimming, or striking designs for your garden. We know that each and every landscaping project has unique needs, and we offer free consultation services and estimate appointments to meet with you and listen to your needs.
We promise stellar customer service, on call 7 days a week. The following are some of the services we offer:

General Landscaping

We offer different services under general landscaping to keep your yard and property beautiful and healthy at reasonable prices. Call on us for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly lawn maintenance services. We’re available to handle lawn mowing, lawn trims, debris removal, turning and also edging. Competitive and convenient twelve month contracts are available as well and include snow plowing, application of fertilizers and sprinkler repair during spring and fall.

You can count on Harter Landscaping as the best choice to prepare your home exterior for the cold winter. We’ll begin by thoroughly cleaning all the leaves and debris in your backyard, then trim any shrubs and perennials. After that we’ll treat your soil using lime to ready your lawn for spring. After winter, we clean any debris that’s been left, then apply a starter fertilizer to help your lawn grow back, and promote organic weed protection as well. This will guarantee you have a beautiful, green, and healthy lawn come spring. Harter can also help with mulching, hydro seeding, hedge trimming, shrub trimming and unique landscape designs all year round.
Other examples of general landscaping services include fence installation and maintenance, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing. If you want to increase your property’s curb appeal as well as extend your patio’s life, that of your driveway, siding, and sidewalks, then we recommend pressure washing. You’ll need a professional to help you with this though. Contact us today and let’s get started.

Delivery and Removal Services

Whether you are in need of soil, mulch, shrubs or trees, Harter will surely deliver all types of landscaping materials straight to your home or place of business. Call us now so we can give you a free estimate and schedule for delivery. We can clear unwanted material on construction sites too. Harter is fully equipped with a fleet of dump trucks and containers of different sizes that are at our clients’ full disposal. For fast, efficient and expert delivery and removal services, call us today.

Snow Plowing

We also meet all your snow plowing and snow removal needs. Harter professionals can remove snow in various locations like parking lots, single family homes, apartment blocks, schools and hospitals. During the cold winter months our staff is on call 24/7, with GPS technology and modern equipment available, ensuring you are safe and have access to your property during the worst spells of cold.

Tree Services

If a tree is properly trimmed it ends up being a healthy and balanced tree with longer life. We have a skilled staff arborist who is able to recommend a tree management program that’s tailored for you. Our tree services include spraying, grinding, bracing, tree removal, pruning and soil and leaf treatments. We can trim and deep fertilize your trees frequently as well as examine them for diseases. We’ll ensure your trees always remain healthy and strong.

Pesticide Services

Harter will protect your landscaping from any insects and harmful disease with our professional pesticide services, inclusive of liquid and granular applications. Call us and we’ll get rid of your problem before it can affect any other part of your yard or property. The 6 step lawn management system is one of our most popular packages for homes and properties in Westchester county. Soon, all our clients will enjoy a range of organic preparations that are also environmentally friendly.

Drainage Services

Harter is a full-service drainage company that provides clients with a variety of drainage services. These include pipe locations, storm drains, sump pumps, water-proofing, channel drains, trench drains and french drains, video inspection and power snaking. Contact us today.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an easy and effective way of improving the security and appearance of your home or property. This can create a spectacular feel to any piece of property or yard while underlining its natural or landscaped features. Harter can create a custom lighting plan for your property, inclusive of security illumination, path lights, accent lights and/or small floodlights. Our affordable range of lighting designs, installation, and repair services are available by appointment. Call now so we can give you an estimate.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Services

To ensure your lawn and plantings are in their best appearance and condition, you’ll need a functioning irrigation or sprinkler system. Harter can help you with the year-round services we offer. Winterization, spring start-up & repair are all under our sprinkler system services. We have extensive experience with systems of all designs and models. Give us a call today and we will introduce you to our wide range of fully warrantied services.

Masonry Services

What’s the backyard of your dreams? Harter can help you make any landscaping idea a reality thanks to our masonry expertise. Do you want to add a stone wall, fountain, fire pit, or brick path to your backyard? We will help you. Are you interested in river rock beds, walkways, patios, decorative stone or retaining walls? Call us today. With more than 15 years of experience, we can confidently say that we have the know-how as well as the do-how. We use only high quality material. Give our masonry professionals a chance. Call us so we can give you an estimate.


Every time we see that green flag flying through the air, we feel a deep sense of pride. That flag belongs to Yorktown, a town located in the Northern side of Westchester county. Yorktown was a crucial point during the American Revolutionary War. There are rumors that the founding father himself George Washington passed through here, but no one can confirm this fact. The very spot where French Hill Elementary School stands today was once an army base where French troops camped. Many historical relics like cannon balls have been found at that spot. It’s amazing to see how well the community of Yorktown protects the town’s rich history. Harter Landscaping celebrates with all the residents of Yorktown and constantly strives to ensure we offer nothing but top notch services to all our customers. Contact us today for drainage services, debris removal, snow removal, landscaping amongst other landscaping and contracting services.



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