General Landscaping

monthly maintemance programMonthly Maintenance Programs
Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service of your property or facility. Our basic monthly  maintenace program is comprised of coming to mow the lawn, string trim, blowing of clippings/debris off driveways, walkways and patios and monthly turning and edging of flower or plant beds. We have full service maintenance programs that include hedge trimming and also fertilizer applications. Also we offer year round contracts or 12 month contracts that include seasonal rates for snow plowing at different increments, and sprinkler system maintenance included as well.

spring_fallSpring and Fall Cleanups
A spring and fall cleanup is a rigorous clean up of the debris that have either fallen during the fall or that have accumulated over the long winter months. The fall clean up is comprised of a rigorous clean up and trimming of perennials and also lime applications to prepare the lawn for the long cold winter months. The spring cleanup is comprised of a rigorous clean up of all the debris that have blown onto or fallen onto your property during the long winter months and is followed by a starter fertilizer application to the lawn to give a boost to the grass which is needed to achieve that lush, full look lush (because the lawn has been dormant for so many months). Also an organic weed prevention application is given to the flower and plant beds to prevent the weeds from coming up, with re-application needed monthly to prevent further weeds from growing.

lawn_reseedingNew Lawn and Reseeding
A new lawn can either be comprised of sod or by the means of hydro seeding. The sod is an instant gratification and can usually be completed in 2 days (from ripping up the old lawn to laying the new sod). The hydro seeding takes about 3 to 5 weeks to see results and is usually followed up by a few spot reseeding applications. With any new lawn, (whether it be sod or hydro seeing), a good and strategically zoned irrigation system must be in place in order to have results.

Whether it be planting small annuals or large trees to create a privacy barrier, we’ve got you covered. We only shop at the best nurseries and hand pick all of our plants. We make sure all shrubs are disease-free before they leave the nursery. Also we guarantee our work with a one year warranty on the installation (labor) of the plants. Once again, having a strategically placed irrigation system is essential to the plants health and growth.

landscape_designLandscape Design
We work with some of the most renown landscape architects in the US and are sure to make your dreams into a reality. Whether it be redoing a small residential front entrance way or a complete overhaul of landscaping at a large shopping complex, we’ve got you covered.



hedgeHedge and Shrub Trimming
We have a complete trained staff of arborists that cover all of our hedge trimming and shrub pruning. Regular trimming is essential in maintaining a shrubs appearance and its overall well being.





Mulching flower and plant beds doesn’t only make an aesthetic difference; it also keeps moisture locked in to keep the shrubs watered and also keep weeds down.





Fence Installation
We do all facets of fence work whether it be repair, design or install- we do it all. Whether it be fixing a broken fence gate you have at your home to installing a security fence at a shopping complex, we can help you.





Gutter Cleaning
Keeping your gutters and downspouts clean is a must to keep water from coming into your house or place of work. Gutter cleaning is done in the late fall once all the leaves and debris have fallen. It is essential to have clean gutters and downspouts for the winter months because if the snow cannot drain properly due to a clogged gutter or downspout the water is going to make its way into the structure and cause a great deal of damage.

Also, not cleaning gutter or downspouts before the winter months can be the main factor in them falling out of place and or bursting, causing a serious mess.



Pressure Washing
The benefits of pressure washing are endless. The few main benefits of pressure washing are: increased home value, improved curb appeal, preventative maintenance and safety for your family. Pressure washing is considered one of the most cost efficient ways to increase your home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors, a pressure washed home can add $10,000 to $15,000 to the sale price.Pressure washing your home removes stains and mildew (which makes your home appear unattractive for a prospective home buyer). Pressure washing is a preventative way to extend the life of your siding, driveway, patio and walkways. Pressure washing also prevents bacteria from growing and can prevent injuries by slipping and falling on slippery walkways and patios.