Snow Plowing Cortlandt NY

Snow Plowing in Cortlandt, NY

Harter Landscaping's Snow Management


When weather strikes in the form of a snowstorm, you need a full service professional snow removal company to get you through it. Harter Landscaping is the best snow management company in Cortlandt. We are equipped with modern machinery, highly trained teams and over 15 years of knowledge in snow management. This is one of the most crucial services your home or business will ever require. If you don’t plan this properly, snow management could end up a hassle or hazard. Harter will ensure your home and business remain clear and safe for clients, employees, residents and vehicles this winter.

We manage snow removal for a lot of locations including, apartments, schools, shopping malls, warehouses, hospitals, etc. You can call us anytime throughout the winter months, we usually maintain communication with all the parties involved during a snowstorm (our clients and teams). We have many snow removal trucks that come equipped with GPS technology, which allows us to keep records of when your property was last serviced. We also make use of state of the art machinery so as to minimize downtime in the field.

We handle snow removal in the following areas;

  • Sidewalks

Harter Landscaping professionals use plastic shovels and walk behind blowers to clear sidewalks. We have highly sophisticated equipment and trained professionals who can be done with clearing your sidewalks by the end of the day.

  • Driveways

What do the professionals use to clear driveways? Walk behind snow blowers of course. Our equipment is industry certified and our crew is qualified. We know what method works for all types of driveways be it long short or sloping. Contact us today if you have a downhill sloping driveway and need to know what safety measures work for you this winter.

  • Commercial & residential work

Your business needs an effective snow management plan during the winter months. Our prompt and reliable services will guarantee that your property is safe and clear this coming cold season. Contact us today so we can start developing a snow removal strategy for your company.

  • Shoveling

Trust the professionals to give you a snow shoveling option that suits your home or business.

We also provide the following snow management options;

  • Salting & sanding application
  • Snow relocation
  • Snow plowing
  • Snow removal
  • De-icing application



The town of Cortlandt is located in Westchester county. It’s right at the Northwest edge of Westchester county and at the eastern terminus of Bear Mountain Bridge. Cortlandt has two villages; Buchanan and Croton-on-Hudson. To the west of Cortlandt we have the Hudson and Peekskill. Harter Landscaping also has an office in Peekskill. Cortlandt is bordered by Philipstown and Putnam Valley to the north and to the east by Yorktown. To its south is New Castle and Ossining. If you’re looking for historic places in Cortlandt, try the Site of Old Croton Dam or the Bear Mountain Bridge Road and Toll House. Harter Landscaping is your trusted snow removal partner this winter. Call us today so we can come up with an effective snow management plan that suits your home or business.



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