Snow Plowing in Port Chester, NY

Harter Landscaping's Snow Management


During cold winter months, you need to make sure your home and business remains safe and clear of snow. Harter Landscaping is a full service expert snow removal company that is equipped with modern equipment and professional services to take care of any job or situation we’re faced with. Without proper planning, snow management has the potential to become a hassle or end up posing a danger for your home or business. We have been in the snow plowing industry for more than 15 years now and our clients say we’re reliable and efficient. Our mission is to make sure residential and commercial services are undertaken fast and precisely such that your property remains clear and safe for clients, employees, residents and other vehicles.

We handle snow removal in apartments, shopping complexes, warehouses, schools, hospitals, etc. You can reach our customer service line anytime during the winter months, we usually maintain communication throughout with our clients and teams during snow storms. We have several snow plow trucks that come equipped with the latest software with GPS tracking. This helps our teams keep records of when they serviced your property for easier future planning. Our state of the art machinery helps minimize down time because of broken or outdated technology. We also have specialized crews that handle a specific set of jobs be it plowing snow from sidewalks or other areas that may require increased manpower.

Harter Landscaping performs snow plowing on;

  • Sidewalks

We remove snow on sidewalks using plastic shovels or walk behind blowers depending on the level of the snow. We have a stellar combination of sophisticated equipment and trained professionals that help us complete this kind of job in a matter of hours.

  • Driveways

We use shovels to clear driveways. Sometimes, if the homeowner or business owner has a sloping driveway, we opt for walk behind snow blowers instead. There are a couple of precautions you need to follow if you own a downhill sloping driveway. Ensure that you use de-icers before snowfall which guarantees your safety as well as ours. Call us today for more information on the same.

  • Commercial & residential work

Your business needs to have a snow removal company on call during the winter months. We’re happy to be your snow management partner this coming winter. We will lay down workable strategies to help us manage your snow all through. Call us today or visit our Port Chester office.

  • Shoveling

You need an expert snow shoveling team that will clear your front walks and entrances in the shortest time possible. We offer hand shoveling services as well. Fill in our form to get a free quote for your property.

Our technicians can also handle the following;

  • Snow relocation
  • De-icing application
  • Snow plowing
  • Salting & sanding application
  • Snow removal


Port Chester

Port Chester was once home to the Mohegan Indians. It was bought off them in the mid-1600s. Port Chester was once known as Saw Pit. Our town has been industrious ever since it began. Back then it was of great significance because logs were assembled here, then cut to build ships- the major means of transport across long distances. This was one of the factors that grew Saw Pit into a major seaport. Saw Pit was later incorporated as Port Chester in 1868. Port Chester serves Rye Brook, Greenwich and Port Chester.



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