Snow Plowing Somers NY

Snow Plowing in Somers, NY

Harter Landscaping's Snow Management


Welcome to Harter Landscaping- a full service snow removal company fitted with modern equipment and highly skilled staff to handle every task that comes our way. Snow management counts as one of the most important landscape services your business is going to need this coming winter. If you don’t plan it carefully, this service, or lack of it, has the potential to become a hazard to your customers, employees as well as other vehicles operating on your premises. We have more than 15 years of experience in snow removal and have always been prompt and dependable. Our goal is to ensure your home and business remain clear and safe this coming winter.

We undertake snow removal for shopping malls, apartment blocks, hospitals, schools, warehouses, etc. You can give us a call anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the winter months. We maintain constant communication with our teams on the ground so as to guarantee the job is done safely and efficiently. Our trucks are fitted with GPS systems to enable us to maintain records of when your property was last serviced. We use modern equipment to minimize resulting from outdated technology.

We can manage snow in the following areas;

  • Sidewalks

Harter Landscaping uses plastic shovels and walk behind blowers to clear sidewalks. We use the latest technology equipment and our trained professionals are fast and can think on the ground.

  • Driveways

When it comes to clearing sloping driveways, we usually count on walk behind snow blowers. There are a couple of safety measures you should follow if you have a downhill sloping driveway. Ensure you use de-icers before snowfall. Call us today and we’ll discuss what precautions will suit your kind of driveway this winter.

  • Commercial & residential work

Having a prompt and reliable snow plowing company on call is not only beneficial, but necessary come winter time. We usually work with businesses way before the winter months begin so that we’re able to develop an effective control plan.

  • Shoveling

Our professional snow shoveling crew will help clear your front walks and entrances and can provide hand shoveling services as well.

Our professionals also provide the following snow management services;

  • Snow plowing
  • De-icing application
  • Snow removal
  • Salting & sanding application
  • Snow relocation



In the early 19th century, Somers was initially known as New Oltenia. It contained carriage factories, an iron mine, hat factories, two general stores, three hotels, a milk factory and a sanctuary for boys. The town was busy; there was a constant flow of goods and passengers to large markets and cities here. By 1809 a newspaper had already been formed. The town was mainly agricultural, but its rural economy also supported preachers, doctors, merchants, teachers, lawyers and servants. There was already a good system of roads within the town and by the 1840s, a railroad had already been developed. The development of the railroad led to a decline in growth in the town, but boosted agriculture and some industries like paper, saw and grist in the area. The landscape changed considerably between 1890 and 1910 after River Croton and River Muscoot flooded thus creating the New York city water reservoir system. Vacation homes were put up by lake communities and by and by commercial development in the town continued for the next 20 years.



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