Snow Plowing in Westchester County, NY

Harter Landscaping's Snow Management


We’re the most reliable snow plowing and snow removal company in town- Harter Landscaping. We have a line of modern day equipment that can help us tackle any job or situation that comes our way. Snow management counts as an important landscape service for your business needs during winter months. It’s necessary to partner with a snow management company that is reputable and highly qualified. We urge you to invest in one that’s been in the industry for a long enough time. Harter Landscaping has been practicing snow removal in Westchester County for more than 15 years now. We’re proud of our track record and we promise you our service delivery is top notch.

We have several professional technicians who manage snow removal for warehouses, apartment buildings, shopping malls, and schools. You can reach us anytime 24/7 throughout the winter. Our service lines are always open so that we keep in constant communication with the teams on site and our clients. Thanks to our modern tech in GPS tracking, we’re able to trace records of the last time we serviced your home or business. Our highly sophisticated equipment in the field helps us reduce down time so we’re able to perform fast and efficiently.

We can handle snow plowing in the following areas;

  • Sidewalks

We choose between plastic shovels and walk behind blowers on sidewalks, depending on the intensity of the snow. We always ensure our professionals are highly trained and experienced. Check out the team at Harter Landscaping for all your snow management needs for sidewalks.

  • Driveways

Snow removal on driveways can be dangerous and time consuming if you entrust your property to non-professionals. With the help of modern walk behind slow blowers, we’ll have your sloping driveway clear and safe in just a few hours. Call or visit us today so we can discuss your snow plowing needs. If you have a downhill sloping driveway, ensure you have applied de-icers before we get there. Call us today so we can explain other safety measures you’ll need to follow before we can remove snow from your driveway.

  • Commercial & residential work

If your business parking lot is covered in snow, there’s no way you can expect to have a thriving business during the winter. We’ll ensure your place of business is clear and safe through the use of the latest snow removal systems. Give us a call today.

  • Shoveling

Contact us today for plastic shoveling, hand shoveling, etc. to ensure your sidewalks and front entrances are clear and safe. Fill in our form for a free quote.

Harter Landscaping also provides the following services;

  • Snow removal
  • Snow plowing
  • De-icing application
  • Salting & sanding application
  • Snow relocation


Westchester County

Westchester County is the first suburban area of its scale in the world to develop and at such a fast rate.  This is largely thanks to the middle upper class who contributed heavily to the development of Westchester in the 1900s. In the 20th century, the area underwent a transformation which led to the blossoming of a quiet, beautiful suburban county. Today, hundreds of thousands of people live in Westchester, preferring the quiet suburb to hectic city life. Westchester County has several parks and parkways that support the 950,000 people that live here. Harter Landscaping is proud to serve this community. Call or visit us today for all your snow removal needs.

Harter Landscaping
We've hired Harter to manage the snow at our dealership in Scarsdale. They're doing a way better job than our previous contractor. Highly recommended.
Commercial Snow removal
Date published: 11/28/2016
5 / 5 stars



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