Snow Plowing Yonkers NY

Snow Plowing in Yonkers, NY

Harter Landscaping's Snow Management


It’s about time you invested in a professional snow management company for your home or business this winter. You need a qualified snow plowing company that is prompt, professional and reliable. Harter Landscaping is your go-to snow plowing and snow removal company in Yonkers. We use modern machinery combined with high knowledge and expertise to handle any snow removal task we are faced with. Did you know that snow management is one of the most crucial services your company will ever need? Without proper planning, this service will definitely turn out into a hassle or a hazard if you don’t trust the right company to handle it carefully. Our crew has more than 15 years of experience in snow removal. Our customer care line is open 24/7. We know the meaning of reliability and professionalism. Call us today so we can help keep your home or business safe and clear for your clients, employees, vehicles and residents.

Our team of professionals takes care of snow removal for warehouses, apartments, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. There is nothing as horrible as poor communication during a bad winter- that’s why we’re usually constantly communicating with our crew and clients during a snow storm. We have a fleet of trucks at our disposal and they’re all fitted with the latest GPS technology. The GPS tracking system helps us find records of when your home or business was last serviced. Our state of the art equipment helps us reduce downtime so we’re able to work efficiently and without interruption. Sometimes we use specialized teams that handle specific sets of jobs, whether it’s plowing snow from sloping driveways, walkways or any other task that requires excessive manpower.

These are some of the areas where we perform snow removal;

  • Sidewalks

We use plastic shovels or walk behind blowers to remove snow from sidewalks. Which tool we use from the two depends on the severity of the snow storm and the snow level. We use the latest technology and professional crew to clear your sidewalks.

  • Driveways

Sometimes shovels aren’t enough to clear your driveways. You need a company that is equipped with a wide array of equipment to handle any kind of snow removal surprise on site. We have walk behind snow blowers that we use to clear downhill sloping driveways, because sometimes shovels just won’t do. Before we start on your sloping driveway, you need to ensure you’ve already used de-icers. Contact us today if you need more information on the precautions for sloping driveways in winter months.

  • Commercial & residential work

Your business should have a prompt and dependable snow removal company throughout the winter. It is key to ensuring your business looks professional to your clients and employees. If you call us today, we’ll work with you to develop a control plan for your home or place of business.

  • Shoveling

Our professional snow shoveling team helps client clear their front walks and entrances promptly and safely. Call us today if you suspect your property requires shoveling services this coming winter.

Harter also provides the following;

  • De-icing application
  • Salting & sanding application
  • Snow plowing
  • Snow relocation
  • Snow removal
At Harter Landscaping our vision is to see every road, driveway, walkway clear every winter. We want to lessen the blow by snow on our clients and we promise you we’re quick to do so. Our vision is clear and precise: eliminate traces of snow and keep our clients happy. So it’s no wonder we’re based in Yonkers, the city with Vision. Yonkers has several points of interest such as the Getty Square, which is a major shopping area, the Hudson River Museum, Yonkers Raceway, etc. It’s also got other major shopping areas like Central Park Avenue, Cross Country Shopping Center, Westchester’s Ridge Hill, etc. We’re happy to serve the 199,776 residents of Yonkers. Call or stop by our office any time for a free snow removal quote.



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